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Our Story

The beginning. 

Since January 2014 when Southlake CritterCare opened its doors out of the Manning’s family home and one Suburban, the local company has expanded to the Keller, Grapevine, Westlake, Trophy Club, and Roanoke areas with six buses on the roads for pick-up and drop-offs. We have recently expanded into a beautiful new facility with more space, equipment and more playmates!

Why we are different.

Our philosophy is to treat every dog with kindness, respect and also lots of love in a purely positive environment. We work tirelessly to integrate the dog in just the right group of playmates. Every dog deserves to have the chance to socialize under close human supervision, while in an area they can run off the zoomies with their new friends.

Coming soon. 

We are so thankful to have a property large enough to embrace expansion. Although we are in our planning stages, our mission is to add a full size swimming pool for water training / rehabilitation (perhaps even dock diving), and additional runs for agility and dog training to our outdoor area. For our indoor facilities, we plan to convert the currently unused section of barn to house more grooming tables, and extend our boarding and kennel services. We intend to expand our open hours with a full reception and retail store. Keep your ears perked for any updates on our social media platforms.

Meet the Team



Not long after her children fled the nest and graduated from university did her passion for dogs bloom into the Southlake scene. Jenny started by training Guide Dogs for the Blind in the UK during her college days over forty years ago! Jenny and her family have lived in their Southlake home for more than twenty years, all the time completely surrounded by all types of critters from alpacas to homing doves, but especially dogs. Now she has two well bred, well trained Black Russian Terriers at home and all of her time is dedicated to making a difference in every dog's life that comes to the playgroup.

             “When the kids were in school, I was a working mom for corporate America. I had a pup with nowhere safe to socialise and so little time to juggle training and work. As my contract was coming to an end, I remember one day sitting outside a puppy daycare and watched as the trainer missed signs of dog-trainer and dog-dog communications with far too many dogs to manage. From that moment I knew I wanted to create a safe and social place that would be no hassle for pup parents as well as providing all the care and attention dogs so desperately need.”



Jamie has been a part of the CCC team since the beginning. She has contributed her talents in many different roles throughout the years but now as the company has grown, she loves to focus on her true passion. She has been a qualified dog groomer for seven years, and a resident groomer for five. From bonding with the gentle Retrievers or detangling the Doodle matts, Jamie excels in her remarkable patience and overwhelming customer satisfaction. Her home always warmly welcomes rescue dogs that might not have a shot in shelters because they are older or disabled, and have a higher chance of health risks.

            “I have always had dogs growing up, as a shy kid I guess I always bonded better with dogs than people, and it just kind of carried over into my adulthood. My heart just melts when I see the much older dogs who may be blind or deaf or have some physical disability which makes them get overlooked at the centers. They need a forever home too.”



Being a key team member for over four years, Tiffany has an undeniable sense of understanding dogs. She can be seen whispering calmly to a cuddly pup, or be heard from a distance speaking to every dog that comes off the bus. 

We like to think of her as the cool teacher that all the pups have a connection to. Tiffany is also a qualified groomer, but prefers to be in on the action, driving the bus and overseeing all playgroup activities. She has two dogs, Bruce and June-Bug, and now also a kitten at home and even Bruce enjoys coming along to playgroup!

             “I have the best job in the world, especially since my dog Bruce has been coming since a small puppy and is so very well socialized now as a result of his two days a week at CritterCare.”



As a strong mother and recent grandma, Julie has a great work ethic and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. Julie grew up on a farm in the UK where over the years had many dogs, both working and pets. Having also previously owned an English Mastiff, she is excellent with the big dogs and doesn't shy away from poop-patrol duties or doggie drool. Julie and Jenny have been devoted friends for years, and her love for dogs keeps playgroup running smoothly.

             “The best part of my job is obviously all the dogs we get to play with on a day to day basis, and seeing those sweet faces return week after week!”



Erin is the daughter of Julie and brings her big personality to playgroup everyday. She loves being involved in all activities, especially when it comes to wearing out the pups. Our Campers' eyes light up when they see her entering their group because they know their energy levels will truly be challenged. Growing up with two sisters and every other animal you can think of, Erin has now started a furry family of her own in Keller with her husband and 2 rescue dogs.

             “I've always loved animals. Growing up we always had at least a dog not to mention cats, ferrets, hedgehogs, hamsters, rabbits, ducks, geese.. And now I can't believe that I get to take care of so many dogs and get paid for it! CritterCare is a dream come true."



Born and raised Fort Worth native, Kelley has the work ethic of any true Texan. Having a background in a similar dog care position, Kelley helps out in all aspects of the business from driving buses to being Jenny’s right hand gal when it comes to administrative tasks such as keeping on top of the hundreds of schedule changes a week and checking every pup on and off the buses. She gets just as excited as the playgroup pups when they see each other for the first time, each and every day they get to hang out and play together; you can thank her for all the wonderful photos taken and posted on our Facebook page!

             “My approach towards the dogs is more of a gentle disposition. I focus more on getting to know the individual dog and their own personality. Once you understand how to communicate with that particular dog simple commands, such as recalls, become effortless. By working at this every day you can start to build a trusting relationship with a mutual respect for each other.”

























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