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Playgroup Procedures

Meet & Greet.

Before your pup's first day at playgroup, Jenny will arrange a time with you to come to your home to discuss any questions as well as initiating a bond with your pup as a welcomed guest in the family home. Being ‘the new kid’ in a playgroup can be overwhelming to some and the time to shine for others. Whichever personality your dog brings to the Playground, they need to know who they can trust if they need a pick-me-up!

First Day.

On your pups first day, Jenny swings by a little earlier than usual to pick up your pup in her car in order to get to playgroup before the other buses. This is to get the dog used to any different smells and go over some basic training to continue to get your pup's trust bond. We hand select our pups with a soft touch to test the waters with maximum ease if there are any signs of anxiety or tension.


During the assessment process, every interaction is closely recorded as Jenny describes the different behaviors and signs your dog is communicating. Later that day, all videos are uploaded for client viewing as well as a full written report detailing the new dog's behavior and responses.

            “The playgroup environment isn’t for every dog and could indeed be detrimental to some with high anxiety. Some dogs just prefer the company of people instead and that is ok, there is nothing wrong with the dog it is simply that we are not the right fit for your pup!”

Here On Out.

Your dog is now welcome in the CritterCare Family! One of CritterCarers will pick up between 10-11am on their scheduled day(s), Monday to Friday and playtime starts wrapping up around 1:30pm for drop offs.


Our online client portal allows you to see when your pup is checked in and out of playgroup as well as Playtime Wag videos of who they were playing with each day! Have the reassurance your pup is safe and being taken care of every moment they are in our hands.

Playgroup Packages


(1 play x week)


$38 x session


Save $24 p/mo




Save $48 p/mo


(2 plays x week)


$37 x session


Save $62 p/mo


Save $150 p/mo


(3 plays x week)


$36 x session


Save $124 p/mo


Save $216 p/mo

*All packages have a 35-day expiry from 1st use. Credits will be used during their sleepovers on their regularly attending playgroup days. Savings are based on a pay-as-you-go rate of $40

Additional Costs

"No ones Home" fee
When driver tries to pick-up the dog and can't due to reasons that are not in CCC's control (e.g., door person does not have the key) or in case of cancellation when driver is already on the way to get the dog.
"24 hour Cancellation" fee
We know life can get in the way and we like to be flexible. However our buses and their routes take a lot of organization to ensure smooth and quick pick ups. We have a limited number of space on our buses and without your pup coming along for the ride, there is another pup eager to come and play! Instead of using your Playgroup credits, we will charge $15 per dog that is cancelled less than 24 hours of our usual pick up times.
"Week Extension" fee
All our Playgroup packages have an expiry because of our allocated days to ensure safety and fun for your pup - as well as a reservation on our bus! But we understand cancellations happen so a $10 extension fee can be added to your current package so you don't lose your credits.

Other Services


Add a Spa day to your pup’s play package? Playgroup pups have the option to schedule a grooming session with our very talented groomer, Jamie who specializes in dog pampering. Contact Jenny for more information.


Going out of town over night? Boarding options are only available for personal inquiries and playgroup puppies only. Please contact Jenny directly to find out if boarding your playgroup pup at one of our facilities is an option.



All of our buses are converted passenger vans, which means there is A/C from front to rear. Every bus is fitted with safety pods proven to withstand heavy impact. Each pod has a custom-made silicone beaded pad that minimises vibrations from the bus making the pup feel stable and comfortable.



All of our dog-friendly toys are provided to encourage appropriate play and help train dogs with guarding or selfish behavior. Playing tug of war and fetch is always supervised and rewarded when the dogs learn to share and politely wait their turn.



We have 10 outdoor playgrounds that are artificially turfed to keep the dogs clean while they play. All areas are equipped with state-of-the-art misting systems and have access to shade and sun with 12’ high roofing to protect the pups from the heat in the summer and rain and wind in the winter. The large indoor play area has A/C to circulate Campers for some extra cool downtime.



It’s no surprise how HOT Texas can get in the summer. Our large portable pet-pools are made especially for dogs of all sizes to stay cool in the heat of the summer. There is plenty of room to splash around solo and with playmates!



We only use homemade, organic liver treats in order to work on basic obedience control with thorough positive reinforcement. The dogs love the smell and cannot wait to show how well behaved they can be in order to get their drooling lips on those treats!



Other than being the most crucial compound to a healthy pup’s diet, water is extremely important to keep clean, change regularly and we make sure there is plenty of it! From hoses, to pools, to bowls, we consistently refill and replenish our water sources to keep our Campers hydrated and happy a hundred percent of the time at playgroup!



“Great place for the fur babies to interact and socialize, the staff is so loving and caring. My furbaby can’t wait to go every week.”

~ Kimberly S.

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