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Unleash with Us Today

Whether you are ready to take off the leash and schedule a Meet & Greet today or have any other questions about our services, we would love to hear from you!


To help us work our way through our list of eager dogs and to see WE are the right fit for YOUR pup(s), please fill out the questionnaire below! Spots are limited to neighborhoods where we are available and days that we are in your area. We match playmates based on size, play style, puppies/adolescents/older dogs. Before joining the program, we complete a full assessment (including video and written) where we introduce dogs slowly, one by one in a controlled environment.

Tell us more...

We DO accept unaltered males/females. Is your pup(s) neutered/spayed?
Has your dog been enrolled in a playgroup environment before?
Which day(s) of the week are you likely to need our services?

Thanks for submitting!

Customer Services and Sales

Email:                        Phone: 817-320-4218

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