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Professional Dog Boarding Facility

We are excited to be serving our local dog community by offering our state-of-the-art, brand-new boarding facility! Whether you are going away for the weekend or having to leave for a long business trip, we ensure your dog will feel just like at home: plenty of cuddles and couch time, many friends to play with and the least amount of time possible locked away!

A day
in the life of
our Campers

  • We don't really brag about our 6x6 ft suites because our Campers are hardly ever in them. They have 30 minutes (unless they need longer or require hooman company) to eat each meal alone in their suite and then 8 hours to get their much-needed rest at night.


  • Did you know dogs need 12-16 hours of sleep a day? With our large outdoor spaces to run and play all day, our Campers are going to want some time to recover!


  • Our Couchtime with the pups is something no other facility offers. We only board dogs that have been through a thorough assessment and are a part of our Playgroup program so lounging around the couch with a room full of pups is a dream come true - at least that is what our Dog Handlers believe.


  •  All our Drivers/ Carers/ Dog Handlers that play with your pup every day at Playgroup are the ones taking care of them so you can take some time away, completely guilt-free!


  • Our Fire Safety licensed and approved Boarding Facility has 24-hour surveillance, plus a hospital grade HVAC ultraviolet light system which produces crystal clean air, free of bacteria.


  • Not only is Doc (a veteran and retired dentist) living on-site, but Jenny’s daughter/ CCC Manager and her husband built their home on the property an earshot away from the Farmhouse and have complete access to all the facility’s cameras.

  • We remain and always will be a purely positive pup program. That’s right - even outside of Playgroup hours your dog’s life is still being enriched while in our care.

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About our facility AKA "The Farmhouse"


We have so much to tell you about how beautiful our new facility is and how much we love to have it full of pups, but it might be best to show you!

About our facility
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